Concept of Microsoft Excel | Features of Microsoft Excel

Concept of Microsoft Excel | Features of Microsoft Excel

Concept of Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet Package)

Microsoft Excel is a commercial spreadsheet application program written and distributed by Microsoft Company for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. it is used to input and calculates the data according to the need of users e.g. billing of sales procedure, voucher, salary sheet, income, and expenses statement, balance sheet budget preparation, grade calculation.

The application areas of Excel are Basic mathematical calculation, financial modeling and analysis, statistical analysis, scientific and engineering calculation, database management, graphic presentation, database front end, and developing a custom application using VBA. All these are performed using a mathematical relationship between rows and columns or the relationship between sheets. The file of MS Excel is called a workbook. This application file name is EXCEL.EXE and it extension is *.XLSX (MS office 2007) and the older extension is *.XLS was used up to MS Excel 2003.

Features of Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet)

  • Allows data entry, storage, calculations, and presentation.
  • Formatting of data for making it attractive by using tools like font, font color, font size, background color, and many more.
  • Simple computing operations like copy, cut, paste, find replace.
  • Sorting data in either or ascending or descending order on the basis of different fields.
  • The formula for calculations using cell address including mathematical, statistical trigonometrically, etc.
  • Allow sharing workbooks, allowing multiple users to edit the same workbook at the same time.
  • Provide various chart types and shapes like Pie, Bar, XY, Stack Bar, Area, 3D-Pie, etc.
  • Data validation for setting data entry rules.
  • Internet features including a web toolbar and the ability to create hyperlinks and to save files using save as HTML option.
  • Advanced features like goal seek, scenario, auditing, what-if analysis, pivot table, pivot chart.
  • Supports the high-level features of object linking and embedding i.e. data from MS Word can be safely and easily put and linked with data in MS Excel and vice versa.
  • Support natural language formulas.

Some common Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) software’s are :

  • MS Excel
  • Simple Spreadsheet
  • Google Spreadsheets.
  • Lotus 1,2,3
  • Ability office spreadsheet

Uses of Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)

  • Arithmetic and statistical calculations.
  • Reports and balance sheet
  • Preparation of Tax statements
  • Preparation of Profit and Loss Account
  • Preparation of Income statements
  • Database management, developing custom application using Visual Basic Application (VBA)


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