Old Question of Artificial Intelligence | BIM Seventh Semester | Tribhuvan University

Old Question of Artificial Intelligence

‘Shakti G Blog’ presents the old question paper of Artificial Intelligence, BIM Seventh Semester Tribhuvan University.


Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Management
Office of the Dean
January-February 2020 (Make-up)
Full Marks: 40
Pass Marks: 18
Time: 2 hrs.

BIM/Seventh Semester/ IT 228: Artificial Intelligence

Candidates are required to answer all the questions in their own words as far as practicable. 

Group “A”  [10*1=10]

1.  Brief Answer Questions:

i. What are the requirements to pass the Turing Test?

ii. What is the agent function?

iii Convert given statement into predicate logic “Every teacher is liked by some student”.

iv. Define triggering in the production system.

v. Compare fuzzy logic with binary logic.

vi. What do you mean by machine learning?

vii. Differentiate between universal and existential quantifiers.

viii. Define plateau problem.

ix. Why natural language processing is a difficult task?

x. Define knowledge engineering in expert systems.


Group “B” [5*4=20]

Short Answer Questions:

2. Explain any two types of TASK environments.

3. Why activation function is used in neural network? Explain unit and sigmoid activation function.

4. Explain R4 cycle in CBR.

5. List the operations of the Genetic Algorithm. Explain with a suitable example.

6. You are given the following production system:

i. Y^D->Z
ii. X^B^E->Y
iii. A->X
iv. C->L
v. L^M->N

The initial contents of working memory is {A, B, C, D, E} and the goal is Z When there are conflicts, the lowest-numbered rule should fire.
Apply (a) Forward Chaining and (b) Backward Chaining.


Group “C” [2*5=10]

Comprehensive questions:

7. Write the algorithm for resolution and CNF. Let us consider there are two restaurants A and B. A has a signboard with the information “Good food is not cheap” and B has a signboard with the information “cheap food is not good”.

i. Represent the two statements in propositional logic.
ii.  Are they saying the same thing? Justify.

 8. Compare informed search with uninformed search. How A* search searches state space, explain with suitable example.

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Old Question of Artificial Intelligence

Old Question of Artificial Intelligence

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